About Bailey

Bailey is a photographer based in the heart of the Crossroads Arts District in Kansas City, Missouri. 

Her love for photography budded at an early age with the purchase of her first SLR camera. From her very first shot, she was smitten. Luckily her passion didn’t die with that camera after it fell down a pyramid in Honduras. The film, at least, was salvaged!

Since that rocky start, Bailey has spent the better part of her life experiencing the world through the lens of her camera. From Iceland to Peru to Kansas City, she loves bringing her viewers and travels together through the expressive power of a photograph.

Bailey’s life centers around the two things she holds most dear: her hometown (and the people in it) and her experiences abroad. For Bailey, there’s no place with as much to offer as Kansas City (she’s looked). But there’s no better thrill than exploring a new city for the first time. That’s why her work features these two things: living local and traveling far.

Bailey has a BA in Spanish and Anthropology as well as an MBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. (Perhaps professional student is a good backup.)

Bailey is experienced in photographic storytelling as well as portraiture and natural light photography.


Copán, Honduras