15 Fun Facts About Me

Hello and happy Saturday! I can't believe that we're already practically done with February! Where the heck has time gone?! 

With a new month on the horizon (and, let's be honest, not much photographing going on during these dreary wintry months) I wanted to take some time on my blog to let you get to know me and my Bailey-isms a little more! I'm a pretty shy person by nature (maybe that's why I prefer to be behind the camera?) so some of these fun facts may be a surprise to you!

Without further ado, let's begin:

I love to run. Running is my absolute perfect me-time. I know it sounds crazy that long distance sweat sessions can be so relaxing to me, but they are! I get so much thinking done while running. Some people have shower thoughts; I have running thoughts. I first started running on my high school’s cross country team - and I was terrible. It wasn’t until my junior year of college that I really started to take running and long distance training more seriously. Now, I try to run at least one half marathon and a few 5Ks every year. Bonus points when I get to travel for races! So far my favorite half marathon races have been in Denver and San Francisco. 

I'm actually more of an introvert. When I’m in social settings, I try my hardest to appear bubbly and extroverted, but my goodness does it take it out of me! When I come home after parties or big events I am exhausted. I definitely get my energy from quieter, more intimate gatherings and activities. Perhaps that’s why I prefer running? It’s such a solo activity!

I love the idea of coffee, but I can't drink very much. I can only drink one cup of coffee each day. I’ve tried to drink more than one cup a day. I have tried to still function like a human being after that second - or third - cup of coffee. I have failed. Sadly, caffeine and I really don’t get along that well. When I do drink my morning cup of coffee, it’s heavily diluted by almond milk to the consistency of chocolate milk. 

  Huey the pug at age 14!

Huey the pug at age 14!

My first pets were two orange fish named Mack and Cheese. I brought these two fishies home - without asking - in 5th grade. I acquired them from the large fish tank in my classroom. My parents were surprised, but embraced the aquatic critters until their expiration a few short months later. Thankfully, our pet pug Huey has enjoyed a much longer life. He’s been with us for over 15 years!

If I don't write something down, it's not going to happen. Seriously, I am so into lists. I make grocery lists, long-term to-do lists, daily to-do lists, packing lists, resolutions lists, …you name it. I should have my own stock in Stickie Notes. But that’s just how I keep everything straight in my brain! I’ve got so many thoughts and ideas and commitments swirly around in my head that I’ve got to keep them straight somehow. If not, my whole life quite possibly could implode.

Similarly, I take color coding very seriously. All of my lists and calendars are color coded. I’m such a visual person that this helps me more quickly visualize a task and its context to all of my other tasks and lists around it. 

If I could eat one food for the rest of my life, it'd be potatoes. Think about it - they’re so incredibly versatile! I could eat them baked, fried, scalloped, sliced, diced, mashed, boiled, roasted, whatever for years and probably never get bored. Plus, they have surprisingly great nutritional value.

  Me along La Ría in Bilbao.

Me along La Ría in Bilbao.

I'm fluent in Spanish! I first started learning Spanish in high school and later it became one of my majors in undergrad. The real turning point was when I studied abroad in Bilbao, Spain, for an entire semester in college. Those four months were truly some of the most spectacular of my life. I don’t get to use my Spanish as much as I’d like anymore, but I do get to dust it off every now and then when I travel abroad to Spanish-speaking countries.

My photography is almost entirely self-taught. The earliest I can remember getting to pick up a camera and really experiment with it was in middle school. I so wish I still had some of those images. Helllllllooooooo saturation and contrast! In high school I took actual photography courses and I’ve continued to teach myself and stretch my photography skills since then.

My first job was at my neighborhood pool. For one sweet summer I was a snack bar attendant at my local pool! That was the best job. I got to hang out in relative shade in my khaki shorts and closed toed shoes and try not to steal all of the Skittles. I eventually graduated up to lifeguard and kept that job all through high school.

  My fearless copilot and me :)

My fearless copilot and me :)

I met my husband playing kickball. We were on a coed evening kickball team organized by mutual friends. That was the first and only year that our team won the league championship! Our team produced three marriages, which is why I always tell people looking to meet someone that they've got to join a coed sports league! 

Vince and I bought our apartment in the Crossroads because we got tired of shoveling our driveway. Okay, there was more to it, but that was definitely a factor in our decision to sell our Brookside house and buy a condo downtown. We like to joke that we downsized at the ripe age of 27. We’ve lived in our apartment for over three years now and it’s the best! 

Travel is one of my true passions and priorities. I am bit by the travel bug often and hard. Once Vince and I went on a trip every month of the year! (A lot of these trips were long weekends, but still.) We just love traveling and getting away and trying new things in new places. So much of my love for photography grew out of my travels. For me, there’s no better way to relive a memory than through a photograph. Early on when my photos couldn’t fully capture the essence or story of a place I’d visited, you can bet it inspired me to improve my photography skills!

If I stop moving I might die. This is Vince’s theory at least. He is often astounded (read: annoyed) by my nearly constant high energy levels. It’s not uncommon over the weekend for him to “gently” encourage me to go for a run to work some of my energy off. It stems from my desire to see all the things and do all the stuff. There is just too much out there that I could be missing out on! 

I win at fun facts. If you spend enough time with me, you’ll notice that I’ve got a fun fact for just about everything. No one is immune to this. I just love absorbing interesting tidbits of information and sharing them with everyone I encounter!

So there you have it: just a few fun facts about me and my life to help you get to know me! 

What is a fun fact about you? Share in the comments!