Back to the Beginning: 4th of July in Boston


This year, Vince and I celebrated the 4th of July in Boston, one of America's most iconic cities! We've celebrated the 4th in some pretty remote places (Croatia). It was exciting to get to see how another American city celebrates the holiday!

Boston is the heart of the American Revolution so patriotism was out in full force this weekend. This was especially true in neighboring towns with deep-rooted American history, like Hingham! Vince and I stayed with some family friends in the town of Hingham, just across the bay from Boston. It's a gorgeous little town that still boasts homes and buildings older than this country! That's amazing to think about.

On the 4th, I drove into town to watch the downtown Hingham Independence Day parade. It was a fun show!

The parade featured many locals (like the lady I dubbed Independence Day Fairy). I really liked seeing the local clubs and organizations, and comparing them to ones we have in Kansas City. For instance, KC definitely doesn't have a vintage baseball team, but Hingham does! We also don't have any old-timey fire engines on collection, so those were really cool to see.

It was a long parade, with a great turnout! I'm not sure why they invited the Red Coats, though...


The Fireworks!

What's the 4th of July in Boston (or anywhere) without blowing stuff up? We didn't light any fireworks ourselves, but it was wonderful watching many spectacular shows from our friends' porch!

Where we were situated, we could see shows from all across the bay, including Boston's show! That was so cool to see from afar. We were so far away that we couldn't hear any booms from the show, but we could definitely see them!


This was one of the most relaxing 4th of July weekends I've had in a long time - aside from our honeymoon! Boston is an absolutely amazing place to celebrate this holiday!


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