Amanda & Chad's "Anniversary" Session at the Kansas City Convention Center

I had the pleasure of meeting Amanda & Chad on a Sunday in late April. As with all April weekends this year, it was chilly, overcast, and threatened foul weather. We originally planned to meet at the Nelson-Atkins Museum, but with rain on the forecast we opted for a more covered - but still outdoor - location at the Kansas City Convention Center. Vince and I actually had our wedding photos taken here and I'd been dying to photograph there ever since!

As luck would have it, we had no rain during our session. (Isn't it funny how that always happens?) Luckily, this meant we could venture out into the lawn and take some photos with the Kauffman Center in the background!

Amanda & Chad connected with me after realizing they didn't have any professional photos of the two of them since their wedding. Looking at these two, you certainly wouldn't assume they've been married for 25 years! Can you believe it? (I guessed 10 years at best. I sure hope Vince and I look this great when we hit the 25 year mark.)

Seeing the way these two interact with each other instantly proves their longstanding connection. Even after all of this time, they're playful, genuinely loving, and supportive with each other. Amanda & Chad are truly an inspiring couple, and I'm so lucky that I got to capture their connection on camera!


Thank you both for sharing your Sunday with me and braving the chill! I hope you and your family enjoy these photos for years to come. I'll check in at your 50th anniversary ;)