Engaged: Sarah & Jon!

You've probably seen me reference my friends Sarah and Jon before on this blog. Vince and I have been friends with them (and their dog Bosun) for years and we always have the most fun adventures together. When Sarah and Jon got engaged, I crossed my fingers that I would get to shoot their engagement photos, and I did!

Shooting outdoor photos is always a bit of a gamble thanks to unpredictable weather conditions. It can always change on you, so I always try to have a backup date if that happens. The day of Sarah and Jon's photo session, I was worried we'd have to push to their backup date. It poured in the Crossroads all morning. I tried to stay positive and hopeful, though. When Jon asked me if we were going to be able to shoot, I replied "Of course! The rain is just washing the Crossroads clean for you two!" (something like that...)

Thankfully, the rain did stop just in time for us to begin our photo shoot. The best part? The morning showers cooled temperatures and provided the most stunning cloud cover - perfect for photos! We seriously had the best lighting I could ask for. We took advantage of the weather and went to three locations instead of the usual two: the Crossroads district, the National WWI Memorial, and the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

 These two are all laughs and oodles of fun!

These two are all laughs and oodles of fun!


Thank you to Sarah and Jon for such a wonderful evening together! I can't wait for the wedding!!