Hiking in LA

If you're from the Midwest like we are, you don't always connect great hiking with Los Angeles. I always pictured it as this glamorous cement jungle surrounded by beaches and star-studded hills. Turns out there is a lot of great hiking in the hills of Sierra Madre. While visiting our friends Sean and Veronica, we got a chance to explore some of these great trails! We laced up our shoes (or Sperrys in Vince's case) and headed out for Bailey Canyon.

(Full disclosure, I did not pick the trail, but I was biased to liking it because of its name.)

The temperature was perfect for a nice hike up to a scenic bench overlooking Sierra Madre and downtown Los Angeles. We hiked maybe 2+ miles up to the bench and then back down. Here are some of the photos from the hike!

As you can see, the dirt trail is well maintained and wide enough to allow others to pass.

Despite the draught, we saw plenty of flora and fauna!


So high up!

We reached the bench(es)!

I like how the boys are sitting closer together than the girls :)

And back down Bailey Canyon again!

Being able to walk from Sean and Veronica's house directly to Bailey Canyon's trailhead makes me really wish we had more hiking trails right here in Kansas City. There are plenty in the suburbs, but none in or near the city center. I suppose that's the price we pay to live where we do!