John & Katherine: Engaged!

John and Katherine did an amazing job going with the flow and keeping the smiles and laughs coming during our save-the-date session on December 31. These two really are one of the happiest couples I know. Hardly anything phases them; not even near-freezing temperatures!

The final afternoon of 2016 was a chilly day here in Kansas City. Thankfully the sun was out and the clouds were away. As long as we stayed in the sun, we were comfortable. John is originally from the Kansas City area, but this is Katherine's adopted city.  For their save-the-dates, they wanted they wanted to show off their KC pride with some great skyline shots and local locations. What better spots, then, than the KC Scout and Penn Valley Park? Even in the cold of winter we can make these scenes come to life.


Thank you to John and Katherine for a wonderful afternoon together. Cheers to a wonderful 2017 (and beyond!) together!