Michelle & Wolf's Marana Desert Session!

Hello again from Arizona! This post is the second half from my Marana, Arizona, desert sunrise photo shoot workshop! You can find the first post here

Our workshop's fearless leader, Chris Hsieh, broke out the session into multiple sections. During some parts just Chris photographed and the rest of the group observed. Some parts we were grouped together and challenged to rotate poses every minute. Some parts it was completely up to us! I had the best time moving between our two sets of models trying my own favorite poses, learning new poses from other members of the workshop, and experimenting in between. 

Now, meet Wolf and Michelle! I spent slightly more time with this couple than I did with Eric & Kelly because my breakout group was paired with them more. They also joined us for coffee afterwards! I loved getting to chat with them after the photo shoot to learn more about their perspective on the entire session. 

Wolf and Michelle celebrated their 7 year anniversary just a few days before our photo shoot! Michelle has done some professional modeling in the past (when she's not swimming competitively!) so she and Wolf were instant naturals in front of the camera! And can we talk about how great they looked in their formal attire??


We practiced photographing with Wolf and Michelle facing into the sun. The key is to never let them look at the sun!


Just look at that beautiful blue sky behind them!


Wolf & Michelle are legit the king & queen of dips and lifts! They did so great!


A huge thanks to Wolf and Michelle for modeling for us like actual pros! And congratulations on your 7th year anniversary! You two make love look easy :)