Quixotic Fusion. Mind: Blown

This past Sunday night, I was lucky enough to see Quixotic Fusion's (@quixoticfusion) free performance on the lawn of the Nelson-Atkins Museum (@nelson_atkins). How could I be considered lucky to see a free, outdoor performance? The show was originally scheduled for Saturday night, and I already had tickets to the Sporting KC game. The performance was delayed, however, due to the lovely spring never-ending rain we experienced on Saturday. The show was then rescheduled for Sunday night and I was able to have my Quixotic cake and eat it too. Lucky. Despite arriving less than 30 minutes before the show, the Fella and I scored awesome seats thanks to his Museum membership. We were seated literally right below the stage. I took a TON of pictures (try 398) and will post the best of them soon! In the meantime, I'll leave you with a sample taster that I've already managed to edit:


A Quixotic Fusion performer stretches above the treetops of Kansas City.