Sunday Snapshot 5: Happy Mother's Day

Welcome to another edition of Sunday Snapshots. Each Sunday, I’ll post a favorite photo from my collection and share a little bit about it. You’ll go behind the scenes on some of our most memorable moments. Enjoy! 

Happy Mother's Day!


This photo of my mom and me was taken in 2013 in the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Colorado. My grandparents live just across the street from the garden, and we love squeezing in a hike when we go to visit them.

My mom is always up for these adventures, and I love that I can count on her for these kinds of experiences. Not many mothers would stand guard while you climb past the boundary on a rock formation to see what's on the other side.

My mom was my first partner in crime and adventure buddy. She was the first person to agree to go hiking with me. She was the first person to accompany me on a race road trip. And she's always eager to join me for a nice long walk, be it around the shopping mall or on the trails!

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! Here's to many more hikes near and far from home :)