Sunday Snapshot 7: Buck Up and Shoot

Welcome to another edition of Sunday Snapshots. Each Sunday, I’ll post a favorite photo from my collection and share a little bit about it. You’ll go behind the scenes on some of our most memorable moments. Enjoy! 

Buck Up & Shoot

This photo is from Vince's and my trip to Iceland last summer, on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, one of Iceland's farthest west coastlines.

This particular stop in our trip was our very last day on the road. I was feeling a mix of emotions at the time. I was:

  • crabby knowing we were leaving this hidden gem of a country and returning to our mundane lives in less than 24 hours
  • burned out (slightly) from all of the stop-and-go sightseeing that is road tripping
  • happy that our trip had gone so well and that the road trip hadn't turned out to be boring for even a second
  • tired from the sensory overload that is Iceland's beauty
  • longing to drive the entire Ring Road again to see all of the things we missed the first time
  • regretting not having bought a one-way ticket and just stayed here

(Vince would equate my emotional capacity to the size of cement truck, and maybe I see why now...)

In addition to all of these feels, I was also feeling really frustrated with myself. The night before I had decided to upload my first batch of photos from the trip. I was excited to see what I'd captured from places like the Golden Circle, whale watching, and glacier hiking. But so many of my photos were completely useless!

At the time, I was pretty new to photography (as I still consider myself to be) and I didn't know a ton about all of the techniques required to successfully capture tricky situations like motion in low light and constantly overcast skies. I was so upset by my botched batch of photos that I almost cried. I moped for an entire evening, despite Vince's attempts to cheer me up.

The next day, we reached Snaefellsnes Peninsula. Despite being burned out from stop-and-go sightseeing and frustrated with my lackluster camera skills, I grabbed my camera and trudged up the hill to see this lighthouse. With the sun gods smiling on me (a rare moment in Iceland!) I decided to buck up and keep practicing with my camera.

Thanks to that perseverance, I have this photo. It is now one of Vince's and my favorites. We both use it as our computers' desktop backgrounds.

For Vince, it's a nice reminder of a fantastic vacation. For me, it's so much more. It reminds me to keep striving for improvement, even when it feels completely out of reach.

As I continue my Weekends & Wanders photo challenge, I have already noticed small improvements in my photography and editing skills across the months. I'm going to get better, but I have to keep shooting to do that. This photos helps remind me to buck up and grab my camera, even on weeks when I don't feel like it.

Hopefully you are enjoying this journey with me, and noticing my progress as I work towards becoming a more talented photographer!