Sunday Snapshot 9: Check Twice, Book Later

Welcome to another edition of Sunday Snapshots. Each Sunday, I’ll post a favorite photo from my collection and share a little bit about it. You’ll go behind the scenes on some of our most memorable moments. Enjoy! 

Check Twice, Book Later

This week's Sunday Snapshot features an Airbnb booking mishap we had in Akureyri. Read all about how we fixed it (and ultimately laugh about it).

This photo always makes me smile.

You might be thinking that it makes me smile because I took it in Iceland. No, that's not it.

Maybe I smile at this photo because it's just plain scenic. No, that's not why.

This photo makes me smile because it reminds me of a blunder we had in Iceland. Because this photo is about an Airbnb.

When we were first planning out our 2015 Iceland road trip, we quickly realized that we did not have a ton of lodging options to choose from along the way. Iceland's tourism is growing faster than its lodging capacity. This can be a great problem to have, but it made it kind of hard for us to find places to stay in specific cities along our road trip route.

One of our last stops was Akureyri, a fairly large town in the north of Iceland. Vince was in charge of booking lodging in that city and he decided he wanted to splurge and find us an awesome place to stay along the lake. As luck would have it, he found this exact Airbnb on the exact date that we needed to stay in Akureyri! We couldn't believe our luck and we were really excited to get to stay in such a fancy-looking house.

Or so we thought.

A week after we booked this Airbnb, we double checked our entire itinerary to make sure we had all of our dates and routes lined up. As luck would have it, we'd booked this stay for the wrong the night! And what's worse, it wasn't available the night we needed to be in Akureyri. Vince took this blow quite personally (he'd really got his hopes up to see this place) but I moved on pretty quickly. We found a new place to stay (an adorable little cottage with a hot tub) and put the Akureyri House (as we'd called it) out of our minds.

Or so we thought.

The night we arrived in Akureyri, we pulled up to our little cottage and surveyed the view. To my utter delight, this very house was right down the hill from our cottage! This photo is actually taken from our cottage's front porch! I thought this was completely hysterical and couldn't believe our luck. Vince, on the other hand, did not find this very funny.

But to this day, I still laugh about how that Airbnb kept popping up in our trip, and has haunted our memories of Iceland ever since :)