The W&W Photo Challenge - May

Hellooooo summer! June is officially upon us and it's time to share my photos from May! 

As you may recall, one of my personal resolutions was to use my camera at least once a week. Because I have so many photos I loved from my many May adventures, we're going to try something a little different this month. Below you'll find photo galleries for each week so I can fit more photos in less space.

WEEK 1: The Streetcar

The very first Friday of May, Kansas City's streetcar launched for the public. I'm excited to see the city embracing more public transportation, but I'm even more hopeful for them to expand the streetcar's route. Right now, it only runs on a 2.2 mile loop from Rivermarket to Crown Center. This is better than nothing, but it needs to get at least to the Plaza to really be useful for the public.

I only got one good photo of the streetcar this week because it was so crowded and I didn't want to block any traffic by standing in the street. (Yes, I saw some idiots doing this.)

Capturing the Kansas City streetcar in my May photo challenge!

WEEK 2: Los Angeles

We spent a long weekend visiting our friends Sean and Veronica in Los Angeles ...right before they moved back to Kansas City :)

We had a blast exploring all kinds of new places, from hiking Bailey Canyon, to betting beers at the Santa Anita race track, to seeing the Walt Disney Concert Hall for the first time!

Bailey Canyon

Santa Anita Race Track

Exploring the Gamble House

The Walt Disney Concert Hall

WEEK 3: Hiking in the Mud

In the middle of May, our Lawrence pals Jon and Sarah and a few other friends got together for a wonderful afternoon of hiking at Clinton Lake! Sadly, we'd forgotten all about the recent rains and the trails were MUDDY. My friend Emily practically ruined her brand new hiking boots! Regardless, we had a great time navigating the route and relaxing in the shade in our growing hammock menagerie.

WEEK 4: Celebration at the Station (Memorial Day Weekend)

Each year, the KC Symphony and Union Station partner to put together a beautiful program to honor our veterans. I believe this tradition is over 10 years old now!

After the symphony plays patriotic pop tunes, fireworks are set off behind the World War I Memorial. The entire evening is quite spectacular.

This year, armed with my fancy new tripod, I set out to photograph the evening and had a great time!

May was definitely a fun month with a TON of opportunities to use my camera in new ways!