My Approach


When you look back on the memories captured, I want you to recognize your wedding day. Not some over-posed, over-edited version of the day. I want the vibrancy and energy of the day to pop off the page. I want you to recognize the subtle shades of your flowers, the perfect details of your wedding dress, and the subtle emotions shared between you and the most important people in your lives. I want you to re-experience the laughter, tears, nerves, dance moves, inside jokes… everything about that day that was real and joyful. 

So, how do I go about capturing the reality of your wedding day? Let’s start with my why :)


it’s your job to be yourselves, and it’s my job to the there to capture it.

My primary goal is to chronicle YOU as a couple and the moments and emotions that surround you on your wedding day. Maybe it’s a shot of your lipstick on your Starbucks cup that says “bride”. Or the way your mom looks at you when she sees you in your wedding dress for the first time. Or maybe it’s that perfect pose that captures your authentic, polished selves. Or perhaps it’s that special dance move shared between you and your best friend on the dance floor. All of these moments and details add up to tell the comprehensive, polished story of your wedding day.

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But these kinds of stories don’t just write themselves. I believe that we set the stage for this kind of carefree effortless day in the months leading up to your time spent in front of the camera. You’ve probably never planned anything quite like your wedding day, and that’s a good thing! Your wedding day is a special celebration unto its own, full of unique traditions and activities you won’t find on any other day. Throughout the planning process I am here to help you navigate the wedding planning process in a responsive and unobtrusive manner. I regularly check in with you to answer any questions you might have – no matter how small.


By the time we reach your wedding day it’s my goal that we’ve built a rapport that lets us both get down to business. The business of celebrating, that is! On your wedding day, I don’t want you to worry about anything except the champagne-to-OJ ratio in your mimosa ;)

I’ll be there to watch our timeline and keep us on track. Most of the day, I’ll step back, taking a more fly-on-the-wall approach allowing the day to unfold in front of my camera. In these moments, the most I’ll interject is to reposition you in good light or remove a distracting bag from the background of an important scene.


When it comes to your more formal portraits I’ll take the lead by guiding you, your wedding party, and your families so you all know where to look, stand, and place your hands. That way you don’t have to worry about anything except the celebration that surrounds you! My photographic approach lets you and your emotions shine through. That’s why I am a stickler for composition and lighting; I want the focus of my images to be on YOU (and not that distractingly orange traffic cone in the background).


After your wedding day, our time together doesn’t stop! You can expect to relive your wedding day with a sneak peek the very next morning! (And, depending on the schedule of your reception, I often can share a sneak peek with you while you’re eating dinner!) Your entire wedding gallery – every laugh, hug, tear, and unforgettable moment – will be delivered to your inbox two weeks after your wedding day! Why wait any longer to cherish these heirloom images for the rest of your lives :)


Kind words for Bailey Pianalto Photography


BAILEY IS SO FREAKING AWESOME! Seriously, hire her! My husband and I met Bailey at a wedding show and from the moment we chatted, I just knew I had to have her at my wedding. She was so cool, calm, and collected and helped organize our day to make it a true success. She was fun, easy to work with, great at communicating, and just an overall pleasure to work with. - Marlee M.

Our unique theme of a Halloween wedding was so well received by Bailey and she sought out an amazing first look spot for us. We have these hauntingly beautiful photos with a "picture perfect" (pun intended) fall background. I can't get enough of them! I keep scrolling through them over and over. On top of being skilled at her job, Bailey is also a very genuine person. You can tell that she is sincere and thoughtful when she is going through the planning process with you. - Sarah H.

Bailey provided superior photography for Jessica & Marshall’s wedding. She is professional and communicates clearly throughout the process. She thought of questions and options that were not on my radar. - Cindy H. (mother of the bride)