Sunday Snapshot: Kill Devil Hills

Last weekend, my forever friends and I celebrated our 10 year high school reunion by coming together in the Outer Banks for a weekend of sun, kayaks, laughter, and pure joy. Only two of us live full time in the same city, and we span two time zones, so this was an exceptionally special treat to get to see almost everyone for an entire weekend!

It's easy to forget how much I miss these girls - until I get to see them again. We had to commemorate the weekend with an impromptu photo session on the beach! Thank goodness for tripods and 10-second timers on cameras :) I spent the entire photo shoot running between the camera and the group!

And of course we had to have a little fun with the camera ;)


On the last morning, three of us got up super early to see the final sunrise over Kill Devil Hills beach. The view was absolutely stunning.


Afterwards we went for a little walk along the beach.

I can still taste the saltwater and hear those beautiful waves. 

Thank you to my amazing friends for such a wonderful weekend together, and cheers to many more!