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The very first professional portraits I ever photographed were an engagement session! Before then I’d never seriously photographed people before, but I wanted to give it a try. So I set out on a chilly (ok, freezing) November afternoon to capture the genuine love shared between one adventurous couple. Within minutes the cold melted away. I couldn’t help but draw so much energy and inspiration from the joy and excitement shared by this couple. I knew that creating beautiful images and capturing amazing moments like this was what I wanted to do. And from that afternoon, I was hooked.

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Your engagement photos are a chance to take some time just the two of you (along with your favorite photographer) to capture this moment in your lives of pure love and joy. They’re the perfect complement to your wedding photos, capturing your everyday selves.

Just like on your wedding day, I want your unique love story and personalities to shine through in your engagement photos. I like to learn about each of my couple’s lives, hobbies, and special milestones to create an engagement session that truly tells their love story in an authentic, beautiful way. Maybe that means photographing in your home, with your pets, at your favorite park, or at the coffee shop where you first met. Whatever it is, I’m game!

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